Logitech G403 Vs G603 Comparison Review

This article will do a Logitech g403 vs g603 comparison review, we will analyze and compare the good and the bad of this nice gaming mouse.

Let’s Check Them Out

Logitech G403

Is a mouse from Logitech and it is a part of the Prodigy line of mice. It takes a classical design approach and button numbers are reduce for this gaming mouse. The G403 is the attempt of Logitech to attract lots of gamers to buy their product.


Like I said this gaming mouse took the classical design path for its aesthetic. The mouse has a natural feel and it glides perfect. It has a matte black finish that gives it a premium look. It is very stylistic with out doing too much.

Lights are integrated on the mouse and it is programmable. Buttons as usual includes left and right, a scroll wheel and two thumb buttons. The mouse is very light weight and using it for prolong periods feels like nothing.


G403 performance is so smooth thanks to its sensor that is of top quality. The sensor can send 1000 reports per second. It has the highest sensitivity, this matters especially on competitive gameplay.


This mouse like any other mice released by Logitech comes with a great software. This software can be used mostly for customization of buttons.

This gaming mouse has a wireless counterpart so if you have a choice of going wired or wireless. Comes also with warranty just in case. Battery life for this mouse is great but if compared to other options it stills fall short.

The Good

  • Very responsive
  • Stylish and great design
  • Familiar feel

The Bad

  • Expensive for the category
  • Not easy to setup the sensitivity presets

So, let’s proceed to the next product on this Logitech g403 vs g603 comparison review.

Logitech G603

This a competent wireless mouse that is inexpensive, it was made a great gaming mouse maker. This is a comfortable gaming mouse that has tremendous battery life with sound effects on it.


Logitech G603 is a small mouse, it is ergonomically designed with curves on both sides. It is powered by two AA batteries and can only be connected by its USB dongle. The gamin mouse does not come with a USB cable, so you need to take care of the tiny dongle.

This gaming mouse features six programmable buttons, a left and right button, a clickable scroll wheel, a DPI adjuster and two thumb buttons.

This gaming mouse has no wow factor except it is lightweight and easy to use and it is extremely comfortable. The gaming mouse though only caters right handed players going lefty is not an option


The G603 can do pretty much anything you throw at it. Tested on different games it handled it good, it did not experience any lag and the mouse is still sharp even up to 10 feet away, but you can amp it up to 30 feet and still works.


The strongest feature for this gaming mouse is its wireless functionality. Logitech has been great in supporting their mouse line with great software. The mouse has many modes to choose, you can do gaming mode, productivity mode. You can connect either the dongle or via Bluetooth, so you have flexibility with this mouse.

This gaming mouse claims that it can go 500 hours of battery life. The only thing that is a bit of a flaw is that you need rechargeable batteries for this. Some of Logitech mouse though feature a rechargeable one but this one did not.

The Good

  • Comfortable design
  • Reasonable price
  • Wireless performance is great

The Bad

  • Rechargeable battery not present
  • Less features compared to other Logitech mouse

Our Final Words

For me I like the Logitech G403 cause of its flexibility, it’s a bit expensive but I don’t mind it cause it the features it has compensates the price. My opinion is based on its ability to go be precise on the gaming end. I really love a mouse that competes and gives me a great gameplay experience.

What I don’t like with Logitech G603 is that it lacks the rechargeable battery. I don’t want shell out money to buy a rechargeable battery.

Hope we helped you in choosing the best on this article on Logitech g403 vs g603 comparison review. We are really hoping that you will choose the best gaming mouse for you. Till next time!