Logitech G403 Vs G402 Comparison Review

This article post is about Logitech g403 vs g402 comparison review, this will the tackle the good and bad of these two great products.

Let us Compare Them

Logitech G403

Is a part of the Prodigy line of mice. It has RGB lighting up to 16 million color of lights. Have 6 programmable buttons. It is great mouse that is adored by casual and professional gamers alike.

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Design and Buttons

G403 has a minimal design, it is more of a basic design. The design is takes more of a classical and simplistic approach. But the gaming mouse is still ergonomically designed. It has rubber on both left and right side that adds grips and comfort.

Buttons in the G403 are the usual ones, in all six buttons. Two primary buttons, two on the side, a scroll wheel and a DPI button. These buttons are programmable and can be customized according what the users like


G403 has a wireless option it is a little expensive but the freedom that you get from going cordless is unbeatable.

Battery life on a G403 can range from 24 – 36 hours, its not great compared to competition but I guess this is the real downside of this gaming mouse.

DPI on the G403 is set up in a traditional way, it can reach up to 12k. This comes a long way especially on competitive gaming.

Sensor on G403 has 300 PI sensor, it so good and has high sensitivity. This gaming mouse has an onboard memory, this an ability to save profiles and take them wherever you go.

Removable weight is present in G403, this an option for gamers if you want to add weight on your mouse for maximum grip. The slot is located on the underneath of the mouse.

The Good

  • Very responsive
  • Minimalist Style
  • Good Grip

The Bad

  • High price

Now let us proceed to the next product on this Logitech g403 vs g402 comparison review.

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Logitech G402

Is a wired mouse, it a great mouse for FPS. It is a great mouse, high speed, high sensitivity and lightweight.

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Design and Buttons

Logitech G402 has a futuristic design unlike the G403. It has a black matt finish and it made of plastic. It has a flare as a thumb rest. That gives comfort, this design is so cool that it brings another level of gaming aesthetic.

G402 has more buttons that G403, these buttons are well integrated into the mouse design. The placement of these buttons is placed differently of that in the G403.

This gaming mouse is built for FPS though, but it does not mean it works with other games. What I am pointing out is that it performs well on FPS games, especially on the on-sniper settings.


The G402 does not have a wireless option, so you should have to sacrifice freedom you have with a wireless one. Personally, I want a wireless one because I like to run free. Since it is a wired mouse no built in battery for this gaming mouse.

DPI in the G402 caters for the FPS, it has two DPI buttons one on the center and the other near the left click for easy access.

Sensor on the G402 is a 500 PI sensor it is a bit better on the G403. It uses AM010, it kinda helps the mouse to be faster.

Sadly, on this has no onboard memory and no also removable weight.

The Good

  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight
  • Great placement of buttons
  • DPI Switching is fast

The Bad

  • No weights
  • Looks cheap

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Final Word

Logitech G403 is a better between the two. It has better sensor and few features that exceeds the G402. I personally love to go wireless cause it gives me more freedom. I like a design to be minimal, so I go for G403 for this. It me maximum satisfaction.

But if you into FPS, G402 is great for that. That is the part the G402 exceeds the G403.

That is it for this Logitech g403 vs g402 comparison review. Hope we have helped you in your choosing the gaming mouse for you. Check out are other reviews here. See ya!