Logitech G403 Vs G203 Comparison Review

In this article we will compare and analyze the good and the bad of two good gaming mouse from the same brand Logitech G403 Vs G203.

Let us Get to Know Them

Logitech G403

Logitech G403 is a new gaming mouse from Logitech that is a part of the new Prodigy line. It is advertised as the gaming mouse that is highly engineered and make it as a high-end gaming mouse.

It comes out with lesser number of buttons, displaying a classic look. The main target market of this mouse are those casual gamers, but this gaming mouse is packed with features. This gaming does not attract casual gamers but also those hardcore ones.


The design of G403 feels natural and great on the hands, it is ergonomically designed to have a firm grip and it can glide on any surface with no problem.

This gaming mouse has matte black finish with programmable RGB LED lights. These lights are located on the G logo and the scroll wheel. G403 has the premium feel without being so pretentious with its look.

It has black matte finish and it is fingerprint free. The mouse came in also with two thumb buttons located on the side. These are cleverly placed to avoid clicking them accidentally. The two main left and right buttons are really sharp and responsive making it really sharp in every click you make. Really fast click is needed in competitive gaming, so this is a plus.

The design was carefully thought that it’s easy to use even for those new in gaming. When it comes to weight the mouse is lightweight and it feels like plasticky though.

Performance, Software and Features

The Logitech G403 has a great sensor, the mouse is silky smooth even on highest sensitivity settings. The settings for the mouse sensitivity can be controlled in the button above the mouse wheel.

All Logitech can be configured using its built software. It is a fully featured software that enables user to custom tuned their mouse sensitivity setting, LEDs, Buttons and others.

Another feature of the G403 is the the RGB LEDs, these are bright lights that shifts smoothly between the 16 million colors it has. The light looks nice and adds another aesthetic to the mouse making it enjoyable to use.

If you opt for a wireless you can do that, because Logitech G403 has a wired and wireless option. Just be ready for the price because it is a bit pricy for the wireless variant.

The Good

  • Very quick and responsive
  • Stylish design
  • Feels good to use

The Bad

  • High price for its category
  • Presets for touch sensitivity

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Now let us proceed to the next product in this Logitech G403 Vs G203 comparison review.

Logitech G203

The Logitech G203 is another great wired mouse from Logitech. It is a wired intro level gaming mouse that is great for its price.


G203 is designed to be a low-profile mouse. Its design is patterned from a classic standpoint, the look is neutral, and it does not slope from any other side and on the fingertips. The finish on the mouse’s exterior is a pleasant matte finish, it provides enough grip that is great for sweaty hands.

The shape of the mouse is cleverly designed that it can limit fatigue with prolonged use. G203 is big enough that it gives a good palm grip.

The scroll wheel placement is just right, however it’s a little rigid. You can feel each rotation with your finger that it is kind of annoying. Both forward and back buttons are smartly placed for easy access and quick reach.

Overall feel of this gaming mouse is great, it should really work for palm grippers. It really fits well to hands and gives a quite comfortable grip.

Performance, Software and Features

Logitech G203 is fairly a good mouse for an entry level mouse. I said its good, but it is not great, nothing special for this mouse excepts it delivers.

Again, Logitech has a great software for every gaming mouse it has made. This is for the advance users that want to customize their mouse to their hearts desire You can reprogram buttons adjust DPI settings using this software.

Lights are great for this mouse, it compensates the mouse’s lack of wow factor. It brings another dimension to the mouse though in the physical side.

There is no wireless option for this though, it comes wired. So if you want a wireless option you will not get it with this gaming mouse.

The Good

  • Solid design
  • Software is good
  • Lighting is nice

The Bad

  • Scroll wheel is kind of old
  • No wow factor

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Our Final Verdict

For me I choose Logitech G403 over the G203, although it is a bit pricy, but it has more features than the latter. I love to go wireless so the wireless option in G403 is great for me.

Both has great software and great sensor but for me G403 is quicker and faster than G203. Having a quick sensitivity gaming mouse makes a difference in competitive game. And to add the G403 is newer and got the updated features than G203.

That’s it for our Logitech G403 Vs G203 comparison review. Hope we helped you a lot in choosing you next gaming mouse.

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