Logitech G Pro Vs Zowie EC2-A Review

On this comparison guide on the Logitech G Pro vs Zowie EC2-A we are going to share features between both mice, but we are going to be completely honest with you. When it comes to deciding which mouse is the one for you, it’s all about how comfortable they feel while you use them.

Since most mice perform the same in both precision and speed when we talk about gaming gear, it’s better to pick the one which fits your hand and your grip the most. The one you can click and move for hours without getting annoyed by the feel of it.

With that said, let’s go down both mice and discuss their features so you can decide which one is the one for you.

Logitech G Pro’s features.

This one is probably the most standard pro-gaming mice you can find. It was made to fit everyone’s hand. Although its size is quite small, many have gotten used to it. It was literally made combining the efforts of both Logitech and professional eSport gamers.

The G Pro was made to be used on eSport tournaments and events, and thank to its simple yet comfortable decide, it’ll probably fit on anyone’s hand and feel awesome for whatever who uses it.

Its grip is known for being smooth, and the 6 programmable buttons are meant to be soft to use (perhaps too many on the main button, according to some). Its precise and fast enough to be able to perform perfectly on fast-paced games such as FPS games.

It’s also perfect for non-gamer activities and its cable, although lacking flexibility, thanks to being braided, provides great durability and resistance. As many has claimed, and we are going to say it too on this Logitech G Pro vs Zowie EC2-A comparison. The G Pro is the safest choice if you want to pick a professional gaming mouse. It’s light, small and easy to use, and you can find it for $37 online.

Zowie EC2-A’s features.

This one is claimed to be used by many CS:GO professional players, a well known FPS game which require skill and fast-aim to perform well on the ground. This mouse is all about the shape and it’s firm grip.

Grip and claw is done without problem and performs well as a comfortable mouse. It’s a little bigger and heavier than the G Pro but has more flexibility and is more comfortable thanks to not having a braided cable. Which tend to be rugger than regular cables.

Some people complain though, that in difference to the G Pro, EC2-A’s buttons are rougher to use and can make reacting harder and slower than when you use a G Pro. You can find the Zowie EC2-A for 59$ online.

Now, with that said, which one should you pick? As we mentioned, on this Logitech G Pro vs Zowie EC2-A Comparison Guide we want you to pick for yourself, but we have some opinions. Apparently, according to several users who compared both mice, the G Pro is not only cheaper, but can provide faster reactions thanks to its soft clicks and to being lighter and smaller than the EC2-A.

It also feels like a more secure choice because, as mentioned earlier, it’s probably the safest choice you can make. For professional gaming, both mice perform perfectly well, but if you want to go safe, you already know our opinion.