Logitech G Pro Vs Razer Deathadder Elite Review

This is a Logitech G Pro vs Razer Deathadder Elite guide review in where we will provide information of both mice and share some reviews of users from both gaming mice to let you decide which one is the one to fit your tastes the most.

First of all take in mind that, when it comes to gaming mice, you won’t find a big difference in performance. Right, some gaming mice will be faster and more precise than other ones, but this difference is never that big to make a fuss over it.

When comparing gaming mice is all about comfort. How they fit your hand, how comfortable they are while you grip it and how big and heavy they are. With this said, less start.

The comparison.

Logitech’s G Pro is a pretty standard gaming mice thanks to its design. Razer’s Deathadder Elite also has a pretty solid, standard design. They both are not fancy since they aim to be comfortable to everyone using them. Yet, the Razer has a rather ergonomic design while the G Pro has something more “common” so to speak.

Razer’s Deathadder Elite has 7 programmable buttons while the G Pro has 6 programmable buttons.

The G pro is lighter, though, weighing around 80g while the Deathadder Elite weights 100g. This can prove to be a problem since this affect many gamers in their performance when it comes to speed and reacting speed.

With that said, on this comparison between the Logitech G Pro vs Razer Deathadder Elite we bring other things to the table.

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Mouse Size

When we talk about the G Pro, we talk about a rather small gaming mouse. This is perfect for those with small hands, and female gamers praise its size, weight and simple design as something really comfortable to use. Adding up people that have claimed that the G Pro is comfortable even if it feels small at first.

The Razer Deathadder Elite, in the other hand, is made for bigger hands and can feel rougher to use f those with small hands.

With that said, the Deathadder Elite has a regular cable while the G Pro has a braided, sturdy cable, that seems to be a problem for many users of this particular gaming mouse. Some have claimed that it reduces reaction-speed and flexibility when it comes to moving the mouse around the mouse pad.

Here’s the highest rated Deathadder Elite mouse


But! There’s something important to mention about both mice, and it’s something that will probably help you decide which one to pick.

Logitech’s G Pro goes for around $40 while the Deathadder Elite can go up to $80, doubling it in prize for the same performance, precision and speed.

As we mentioner earlier, it’s all about how it feels on your hand. If you want to go safe, we recommend you to pick the G Pro, but if you want to try the Deathadder Elite, you can always do so. Think of what exactly do you need and use the information provided on this Logitech G Pro vs Razer Deathadder Elite comparison review to your advantage.

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