Logitech G Pro Vs G502 Comparison Review

On this Logitech G Pro vs G502 review we are going to provide information about both mice to let you decide which one is the one made for you.

When it comes to professional gaming mice, most people can say (including us) that performance and quality of speed tends to be pretty much the same: How they feel on your hand and how comfortable you feel while using them. With that said, let’s go with the G Pro first.

The Logitech G Pro.

The G Pro is claimed to be one of the best gaming mice so far. Let’s go over the basics. The G Pro has a rather dull design that might be disappointing for some considering its price tag, but in fact, the G Pro was designed to be used as a standard mouse for eSports competition, made from Logitech’s and eSports professionals hands and aimed to be comfortable for everyone. And you can still make it feel more personal while programming its lights.

Thus, design may be indeed dull and simple, but that should be taken as an advantage since. With that said, size can be pretty small for some, but people tend to get used to it. Weight is around 80kg and it’s a rather sensitive, high-speed performance mouse.

It has 6 programmable buttons, which are the two clicks, to middle buttons and two left-buttons.

There’s a little problem with the wired version of the G Pro, and that’s its braided cable which is claimed to lack flexibility and reduce mobility. Grip is nice and smooth for most people and its texture and material are very comfortable. Some people have made statements over how sensitive the left click is, yet the amount of people complaining about this problem is really few. The scroll wheel is one of its strong points.

In summarize, on this Logitech G Pro vs G502 comparison we can say that the G Pro is the safe buy while the G502 is for those who want something more… Specific.

The Logitech G502.

The G502 is a more specialized mouse for gaming. When we say it’s more specialized than the G Pro, we really mean it. It has 11 programmable buttons to choose from and you can also personalize its weight, reducing it by removing buttons and parts from the mouse.

This one is a little heavier than the G Pro. But, it can be perfect for those who like them heavier and bigger. It also has a way better design for those who like something fancy taken out of a sci-fi movie, and has RGB programmable lightings and light sync technology.

Also, the G502 is claimed to have the “ultimate gaming speed” as the fastest “Logitech’s mouse” out there. But as we mentioned earlier, since both mice use the Hero sensor, they probably perform the same. It’s all about how it feels on your hand.

The 11 buttons are meant to be programmable for fast-paced games. A good example would be Fortnite, in which you have to react and build fast. With these programmable buttons, reacting is way faster. You only need to get used to it. Some people have problems with this, and it’s extravagant design, but they get used to it nevertheless.

As we said before, on this Logitech G Pro vs G502 comparison we know how important is to get a mouse that feels right on the hand.

If you want to go safe, go for the G Pro. You can always unbraid it’s cable for more flexibility. If you want to go hardcore, go for the G502. Take in mind that the G Pro is around $37 while the G502 is $64 when making your choice.