Logitech G Pro Vs G305 Comparison Review

On this Logitech G Pro vs G305 comparison review we are going to provide some info about both mice and let you decide which one takes the price.

The G Pro Logitech mouse.

The G Pro is pretty famous as a gaming mouse. Is known for being the standard, safe choice to go for when it comes to gaming mouse. It has a general ambidextrous design which can be said to be dull because of its simplicity.

But that’s actually a good point since the mouse was aimed to be comfortable for everyone. It was professionally made by Logitech with the help of professional gamers who have been part of various eSports events mostly focused on FPS games.

With that said, the G Pro is a rather comfortable gaming mouse that can be used for any type of game and even for activities unrelated to gaming. It’s speed and precision are comparable to the G305. But the differences between mice are always related more to how they feel on the hand than how they perform. Since performance tends to be pretty similar between gaming mice.

Prices of both mice are pretty similar. G Pro weights around 80g and is rather small, perfect to fit small hands. Even people with bigger hands have no complains when they get used to it. The G Pro has 6 buttons that can be programmed. But has something that usually becomes a complaint: a braided cable.

Although that cable provides a great durability and resistance, it also reduces flexibility and mobility. People complain of a weird feeling of using a light mouse with a heavy cable, and that’s the main pull-off with the G Pro.

Still, as a gaming mouse, it’s used by many and people tend to have no problems with it.

Now, to continue this Logitech G Pro vs G305 comparison, we are to talk about the G305.

Logitech’s G305 gaming mouse.

The G305 and the G Pro share a pretty similar design. They both have 6 programmable button: 2 clicks, 2 middle buttons, a scrolling wheel and 2 lateral buttons on the left side. We may have no mentioned it earlier but both G305 and G Pro also have similar RGB lights, which are pretty similar. Precision and speed wise, they are also similar in performance.

Now, there’s a reason for why people like to go for the G Pro instead of the G305. And, for why some prefer the G305 from the G Pro. That’s because the G Pro is lighter in comparison to the G305.

The G Pro weights around 80g while the G305 weights around 95g. Yet, this weight can be changed by making some changes to its battery compartment. Now, another big difference, and probably the most important one, is that the G305 is wireless.

Although it weights less, the fact that it has no cable compared to the braided cable of the G Pro makes a big difference in both flexibility and freedom. G305’s battery also lasts forever according to several users.

Considering that they both provide similar features and performance, you should decide for which one is more comfortable on your hand. Both have good grip and sizes are the same. When it comes to Logitech G Pro vs G305, it’s all about the whether you prefer a wireless one, or if you like lighter mouse with a cable.