Logitech G Pro Vs G102 Comparison Review

On this Logitech G Pro vs G102 mouse review, there’s no better mouse. It’s all about which one suits your needs the most.

Before discussing complex features which most people wouldn’t get at all, let’s focus on customer reviews and how both mice work depending on each individual.

With that said, let’s go right into it and talk about important features that people point out when talking about the G Pro and the g102.


Size of both mice happens to be perfect for those with small hands and those who like having a mouse that actually fits in their hands.

In one of the reviews found online, we could notice a gamer girl praising the size of the g pro because it actually was perfect for the size of her hand, making everything far more comfortable. And both mice are pretty similar in size, with a slight, unnoticeable difference from the g102, which is a little smaller than the G Pro.


The g Pro provides a smoother coat than the g102, but considering that both mice are aimed to be used by FPS veteran gamers, the g102 might have a better grip. It all depends on tastes, to be honest.

You prefer something rougher to grab on, or something smoother? The decision is yours to take.

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Something that we found out when comparing both mice is that the g pro has a braided cable which tends to be uncomfortable for most people, in difference to the g102, which has a less sturdy cable with far more flexibility.

Still, some people claimed that you can unbraid the g pro’s cable for more flexibility, but if you do so, say goodbye to your warranty.


as said before, on this logitech g pro vs g102 review we want you to decide which one is better for you, and buttons are something important when it comes to gaming. On the g Pro and the g102 you’ll find soft buttons, which can be hard to get used for those who are more used to clicking rough buttons.

They both have 6 programmable buttons, with 2 buttons on the left side. The middle click button on the g102 seems to be perfectly balanced, not too light or heavy, in comparison to the g pro which can be a little heavy.

Weight and price.

They both weight around 85g. You can find the g Pro on amazon at $37 and the g102 at $27.

Here’s the highest rated Logitech G102 mouse


This is where things get tricky. According to several reviews by veteran FPS gamers, they both perform the same. There’s no big difference when it comes to performance in speed and precision.

They both perform perfectly well when it comes to FPS games, and can do well when talking about other games. Although the g102 doesn’t have a 3366 like the pro has, according to users, it develops pretty well nevertheless. For more specific information regarding their specific specs we would recommend you for more research, but in fact, they are pretty much the same mouse.

On this logitech g Pro vs g102 review, we will be honest with you and tell you that gaming mice are all about how they feel on your hand, and considering this and the information we gave you, you can try one of them, or both, to take a decision.