Is Playauctions Legit?: A Site Review

In this post we will answer the question, “Is playauctions legit?”, we will answer these questions as objective and as detailed as we can.

What is Player Auctions?

It is a market place that for buying and selling gaming products. It is been in the gaming business since 1999. It has cemented itself as one of the trusted and one of the best in the industry.

It has many years of experience in gaming trading that empower both gamers and buyers and at the same time doing business on this site is highly simple.

Is it Legit?

So, Is Playauctions Legit?

Yes, it is, Player Auctions is trustworthy and authentic platform. The site has so many positive reviews online. The site protects its community from scammers, it has a unique way also of protecting sellers from payment fraud and charge backs.

One of the reviews, posted by Garret C. said he loves the site and it is and perfect and safe. He said it is his third purchase on the site and he his very thankful for this site.

The site also has a dispute and mediation department. This is for claims for sellers and for buyers who have disputes.

Final Thoughts

This is site is legit and really great, it is perhaps the most trustworthy sites of its kind. We personally bought a few things on this site and transactions are fairly simple and delivery is fast. I am highly confident that this site is secure and will never sell my credit card information or personal information to scammers.

For the things I bought on this site, all are great transactions. There was one though that I just cancelled, and I was refunded with no questions asked. I highly recommend this site to my friends and to everyone because I find this site secure and legitimate.

That is it for our post on the question, “Is Playauctions Legit?”. Hope we have helped you in your question. See ya later!