G2G Review: Is it Good? Is it Bad?

On this g2g review we are going to be completely honest with you. We have researched online for opinions on whether G2G is legit and safe or not. And we have encountered with many complaining opinions about the website.

But, what’s G2G?

G2G literally stands for Gamer To Gamer, and it’s a known marketplace to trade in-game assets and game-related things such as items, accounts, and gold or any type of currency found in such games. Thing is, it works more like a eBay or Amazon for gamers interested in getting their hands on specific items or things related to their favorites game.

We say this because (and it’s important to note this) G2G does not have the items, assets or currency you are looking to get. G2G connect two persons: the one interested to buy and the one interested to sell.

That’s why it works by offers. You can find different offers on different games in the website.

There you can find several in-game currencies and services that go from gold from World of Warcraft. Power leveling services from several games and even accounts and items to get access to unlimited items.

So what’s the problem with G2G?

When it comes to online trades, specifically talking about websites selling in-game stuff, one can’t avoid feeling suspicious. If you do your own research on G2G as we did, you’ll find several opinions and reviews on the website claiming that the site is actually a scam.

Of course, on this g2g review we are not here to tell you lies: you can still find some reviews that claim that the website provides a good service and all of that. But if you compare such opinions to the number of bad opinions about the website, the difference is overwhelming.

In fact, there’s a post on a forum explaining why a group of account trader stopped working with G2G claiming that although they had fixed their previous mistakes in regards of failed deals, their actions are more close to fraud than actual negligence.

Delivery Speed

People complain a lot about not having their items delivered on time, or even not delivered at all. They also complain a lot about their ineffective customer support which delivers little to no support to solve their problems and answer their questions.

There’s also a problem with how slow they refresh their offers. Sometimes you may need to get some service, like gold from and specific game, just to see that the supposed “gold offer” from that game is actually not available since the page has not been actualized yet.

Delivery speed is also way slower than other sites because of what we mentioned earlier: they do not possess the assets. The sellers do. It usually takes from an hour to a whole week to deliver your buy. Thing that can turn to be very frustrating.

Also, there’s the fact that several customer have been scammed in the website, paying without receiving what they bought.

With this site, with this G2G review we are not trying to we want you to be prepared for the worst, and decide by yourself whether G2G is worth it or not.