Corsair K55 Review: Is it Good?

This article post is about the Corsair K55 review, this post will tackle and analyze what this product good and will also take on its shortcomings.

Let’s Take a Close Look

One of the popular keyboards from this company is the Corsair K55 gaming keyboard. Although this gaming keyboard is in the cheaper end among the gaming keyboards, but it still looks solid and has a ton of features.

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Features and Performance

The Corsair K55 has the usual 105 buttons, together with dedicated macro keys, these buttons are great for gaming.

There are also media buttons and also includes a 3 volume controls, added also are 3 small buttons that record macros and change the lighting brightness.

This gaming keyboard is a membrane type, meaning it has rubber domes under the caps as oppose to mechanical switch. This results in a soft press and a really silent feedback.

This has an RGB lighting zones, it opts in using zone lighting rather than lighting every key cap. The light is so good it fills up every gap on the keyboard.

It is made of plastic, but it has a quality build and feel. There is a strip of glossy plastic though in the keyboard that tends to be a dust collector.

Keycaps have great spacing and it great for typing, but the keycaps face feel flat though. Media keys are situated above the number keys so it is easy to access especially for volume controls or skipping tracks this could be very handy.


K55 uses the software intended for all company products, the Corsair Utility Engine. This software is easily the best keyboard software on the market. With this software you can set up the lighting fairly easy it is all on drop down. You can pic any from the preset colors.

With the software you can also record your macros, it is so good that every minute detail is recorded by the software. It can also record keystroke delay which is very handy. Although the K55 has limited customization, what stands out with this is that how this is easy to use.

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Now let’s proceed to the gaming aspect on this Corsair K55 review, the K55 keys are suited for gaming, it is a great feel and sensitivity. It is fast enough with use of FPS such as Overwatch and Destiny 2. The keys bounce back great, and it was really smooth. The flat keys make it difficult sometimes because I prefer it to be concave but as a whole it feels great.

For me I like the macro on this keyboard, I am a huge user of it. The macro buttons on this keyboard feels great and works without any trouble.

The selling point of this keyboard is the six macro keys it has that is not present on the competition for the price range it belongs. And to add these macro keys are so easy to set up and it is indeed very handy.

This gaming keyboard has no swappable keycaps, although it is not expected at this price range. But it would great if Corsair included it.

The Good

  • Decent rgb lighting
  • Easy access media keys
  • Dedicated macro keys
  • Optimized for gaming

The Bad

  • Kind of costly
  • Glossy surface which is prone to fingerprint and dust
  • Rubber pads missing on the keyboard feet

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Final Thoughts

Performance wise this gaming keyboard is on point. For me as long as the keyboard delivers it is good for me. For a beginner this keyboard should be on your list. It is really great for gaming.

Well you can practice on this keyboard until you are ready and have the resources to move on to mechanical keyboards.

Over all this keyboard is great and it works for me.

That is it for our Corsair K55 review post, hope we helped you and learned a lot from this post. You can also check our other gaming related reviews, just go to our homepage.See you soon!