Benq Zowie Xl2411P Vs Asus VG248QE Review

This is a monitor comparison between the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P vs Asus VG248QE. Although both monitors are pretty close to being the same thing, each one provides differences between one another that will probably make you decide for a specific one.

With that said, we are going to share with you that specific information to let you decided which one is the one that suits your needs the most.

Comparing features.

The BenQ Zowie Xl2411P is probably one of the 144hz 1080p champion monitors out there.But, the Asus VG248QE can be considered a gold champion being a 144hz 1080p monitor with similar features. T

hey both have millisecond response time. Both have TN panels and very similar viewing angles. They both also have portrait and landscape modes, but they are, of course, made for landscape mode.

Material and Design

The stand of the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P in comparison to Asus VG248QE seems to be made from a woser material. But, the Xl2411P can go higher than the VG248Q. Making it a big difference for those who like to have the monitor in front of them for a better posture.

Also, when it comes to their base, the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P has a rather bland design. Although it does the job pretty well, it’s not as good looking as Asus VG248QE’s base. Also, the Asus VG248QE has cable management on the back while the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P doesn’t.

Durability wise, the Asus VG248QE appears to be way weaker than the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P because of how they maintain their structure without scratches or damage. The Asus VG248QE seems to be more prone to damage over the time than the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P.

The prices of both monitors differs for a only $20, with the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P going around $270 while the Asus VG248QE goes for $250. But you can still find both of them for $200 if you are lucky enough.

Monitor Colors

Also, there’s something we have to say on this BenQ Zowie Xl2411P vs Asus VG248QE comparison review: the colors.

Also, some have claimed that the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P is better for gamers. Because it represents colors as intended in difference to the Asus VG248QE which tries to make things look good on screen.

If you compare both images you’ll definitely notice the difference, and this can be a huge factor when it comes to picking up: how colors envelope while playing video-games can definitely make you pick one or another.

Also, the BenQ Zowie’s monitor has lots of features that the Asus doesn’t, and one of them is the FPS mode which is constantly actualized by the user’s feedback. That’s really good, and it’s a rather big difference since BenQ Zowie makes their products specifically for gamers.

Last comments.

On thi comparison review on BenQ Zowie Xl2411P vs Asus VG248QE If you are definitely thinking on using these monitors for playing video-games, even more, FPS games, we recommend you to pick the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P thanks to its features.

If you are not, and you will be using the monitor for more standard activities such as watching videos, movies or using it for job, you can pick the Asus VG248QE